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2019 년 시행

프로젝트 기간 : 무기한

자금 출처 : 멕시코 시티 정부

One of the most ambitious proposals of the Mexico City Government was in combating the digital divide while making the city smarter, a public policy gave city residents access to the internet for free.

Following a line of connectivity governance, Mexico City and the Digital Agency for Public Innovation enabled free internet access points in public spaces, busy thoroughfares, in commercial centers, hospitals, public transport, at the international airport, and in the infrastructure that houses the city security cameras.


  • Using the existing infrastructure, have been enabled 16,971 connection points on utility poles managed by the City’s Command and Control Center (C5), community centers (PILARES) and in public places, they can all be located by the CDMX App and in the Open Data Portal.
  • The service is unlimited and the bandwidth of the posts is 100Mbps. Those located in public spaces such as squares and parks have 200Mbps, thus supporting up to 40 simultaneous users.
  • Personally identifiable information is not collected, although user experience information to improve the services is solicited.
  • The system has several protocols to guarantee user security, for example: Remote Access Dial in User Service (RADIUS), the generation of a private IP for each Access Point, and the service provider is certified in ISO 27000, ISO 2000-1 , ISO27001, Cisco Cloud & Managed Services Master, among others.

주요 결과

  • The “Free WIFI” project was the winner of the first place in the category “Information and Communication Infrastructure” in the 2020 edition of the WSIS Awards granted by the International Telecommunications Union, an organization in the field of strengthening ICT to facilitate UN international connectivity. The project was chosen from among more than 776 projects around the world.
  • When implementing this public policy, within 10 months Mexico City became the city with the second highest number of free internet hotspots in the world.
  • Connections from March 15, 2020 to March 16, 2021 total more than 36.8 million.


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